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  • Kohima Science College launched B.Voc. programmes in B.Voc. (Web Designing) from August 2018 . A student of B.Voc. programme has to go through a pathway from Diploma, Advance Diploma that leads to a B.Voc. degree after 3 years. The programme launched under the scheme of University Grants Commission on skill development based higher education leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) Degree with multiple exits as Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the National Skill Qualification framework (NSQF). The B.Voc. programme incorporate specific job roles and their National Occupational Standards along with broad based general education.




    List of B. Voc Students



    Ms Thepfüneisano Medoze
    DOB: 10/08/1995
    Contact: 9436434607

    Ms Ketsino Rino
    DOB: 24/01/95
    Contact: 8974426657

    Mr.Pelelhousie Rino
    DOB: 12/06/94
    Contact: 7085657269

    Mr.Mhechewe Akami
    DOB: 26-06-1995
    Contact: 7630005975

    Ms Diethoseno Nakhro
    DOB: 02/01/97
    Contact: 8837030730

    Ms Rüünei-i Semo
    DOB: 15/01/95
    Contact: 8259993982

    Ms Sedelhounuo Senotsu Medoze
    DOB: 13/05/96
    Contact: 9077706220

    Mr.Kekhrienisa Nisa
    DOB: 20/04/94
    Contact: 9077510504

    Mr.Mhasivilie Senotsu
    DOB: 10/12/92
    Contact: 7005186391

    Ms Kedokhono Senotsu
    DOB: 06/02/96
    Contact: 8014822954

    Ms Zhonei-I Gwirie
    DOB: 13/05/92
    Contact: 9089135748

    Mr.Vikoralie Peseyie
    DOB: 01/01/78
    Contact: 9089347113

    Mr.Zhasakhoto Peseyie
    DOB: 20/10/78
    Contact: 9436077739

    Mr.Letuozo Patrick
    DOB: 28/11/97
    Contact: 8731846565

    Mr.Kekhriengutuo Rino
    DOB: 01/01/96
    Contact: 7005073802

    Ms Rokokho-ü Nisa
    DOB: 19/02/94
    Contact: 7629034488

    Mr. Senupe Lasuh
    DOB: 04/03/89
    Contact: 9862834646

    Ms Keleneino
    DOB: 18/02/95
    Contact: 9089569583

    Ms Nukshitula Pongen
    DOB: 02/09/88
    Contact: 9856489258