NAAC Accredited A Grade - 1st Cycle: 2011 
NAAC Accredited A Grade - 2nd Cycle: 2017
NAAC Accredited A Grade - 1st Cycle: 2011 
NAAC Accredited A Grade - 2nd Cycle: 2017

     Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, established in 1961 with science education in higher secondary and under graduate levels, has grown at a healthy rate and is now recognised as one of the State's finest colleges. Now, 57 years after its founding, and an enviable Grade A accreditation in 2011 (1st cycle) and 2017 (2nd cycle) by the UGC National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Kohima Science College has become Nagaland's only autonomous Government P.G. College. The college offers 11 undergraduate programmes in a broad spectrum of science subjects and English literature. It offers master’s programme in Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. The college also has three research laboratories. The college aspires to engage in not only improving the standards of science education in the State but also generate knowledge that is value-based. Kohima Science College has been successively affiliated to Guwahati University, North-Eastern Hill University and Nagaland University.



    To develop the college into a research driven education hub of national and international repute.



    Kohima Science College, Jotsoma (KSCJ) started in the year 1961 with a mission to encourage and impart science education. It is a premier college in the state of Nagaland, where science education occupies the central focus. With the changing times, the college has charted its own mission to respond to the emerging needs of the contemporary society by expanding its focal area without losing its focus on science education as the central mission. We are continuously striving to fulfil our mission in the following identified areas:

» To utilize academic autonomy to develop and maintain high academic standards in accordance with the national framework and changing academic and social benchmarks.


» To be an enabling agency for the students to develop their potentials to the fullest and become productive and responsible citizens of the contemporary society and the country.


» To promote and strengthen skill based courses in the curriculum.


» To promote student-centric technology-enabled teaching and learning along with the core conventional methodology.


» To promote original and quality research with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approach.


» To encourage and support the faculty members to enhance their academic proficiency in accordance with the contemporary benchmarks.


» To encourage a sense of teamwork and community service amongst the students and the faculty members.


» To foster and institutionalize innovative and best practices in the workplace by using transparent and decentralized working environment.


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